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Steam Generators

Steam Generators

The 'SG' range of steam generators produce steam for clean steam and non-clean steam applications. With a steam generation rate of 50 to 6000 kg/hour, it covers most requirements.

As the units are completely factory designed and packaged, costly design work for the customer is greatly reduced. The units are pre-wired and completely assembled on a fabricated mild steel skid base.

The 'SG' range utilises both steam and HTHW primary mediums to produce the steam. Clean steam can be produced using demineralised water. All wetted parts on a GMS clean steam generator are manufactured from stainless steel and are given a high quality finish after manufacture. Full material certification can be produced if required.
Non-clean steam generators are also finished to a high quality standard and are manufactured from certified carbon steels and copper.

All GMS 'SG' steam generators are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest PD5500 standards and the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. The generator includes full third party design appraisal and inspection and are supplied with a full certified data dossier to guarantee the quality of the steam generator.

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